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Work with us - We're building a database of professional freelancer Engineers

Although we have 2 Engineers, we'd like to be able provide services to clients if our regular Engineers are out. So we're building a database of Freelance Engineers who can step in.


• Providing to local venues and/or Travelling to shows across the country
• Setting up a PA consisting of 2 or 4 Subs and 2 and 4 12” Tops
• Setting up and managing a Digital Desk and stage box (Presonus systems)
• Mic’ing a full band
• Line checking, Sound checking, Mixing the show
• Handling microphones and cabling
• Diagnosing digital and analog routing problems as they occur
• Managing IEM and Wedge monitoring
• Producing an energetic, punchy, vibey, enjoyable and consistent FOH mix for the client across runs of shows
• Liaising with the band and the show runner.

The position is open to both male and female professionals, although I'm particularly interested in hearing from female engineers. Be aware that Driving and heavy lifting will be required when loading in, loading out and setting up and you’ll be working on your own (apart from the musicians of course!). Although this sounds a lot, just check out the venues and the stages we're doing weekly on our Facebook page. We're not exactly rolling boxes in and out for hours! It's a small footprint PA. It's not large concerts with day before load ins and early morning de-rigs. We arrive and leave with the musicians.

We’re looking for motivated, friendly, talented and knowledgeable engineers who understand their craft, have a professional attitude and a passion for production sound. Our USP is an emphasis on mixing a colourful FOH mix, similar to how we’d produce a record in the studio.

Prestige is run by a professional Audio Engineer, musician, educator and theatre show owner who works consistently as all four and has the honour of working alongside some incredible music professionals on a weekly basis. As such, Prestige isn’t any old ‘hire and engineer’ company - it’s much more personal and aims to be much more integrated into the shows and people we work with.

We value providing work to Audio Engineering and Sound Engineering graduates so we’re particularly interested in hearing from educated music professionals motivated to make a full time living in music.

The ideal profile of applicant would be an engineer who produces music during the week, teaches music or audio engineering, and can dedicate their weekends to shows. Engineers with experience as a gigging musician will help greatly.

Our goal will be to have our Engineers working, consistently, most weekends of the year in theatres across the country, travelling with the band / show. We currently have around 100 dates booked for 2024, and we book 12-18 months ahead. Prestige is available for local events such as small festivals, fetes, community activities, etc, but our core business is providing a great FOH to theatre shows. We are also advertising for Weddings and Corporate events.

Our Freelancers should live within a short distance of Southampton, to allow for the collecting and returning of equipment, and ideally have transport to take a small footprint PA, desk and boxes. (We regularly fit into an estate car and a people carrier for shows of up to 400 people).

It’s implied that the job will require late night returns and morning departures. You will see the kind of work we’re doing on a weekly basis on our Facebook wall

In the first instance, please apply with a CV and telling us all about you, your experience, your goals, what you currently do in your music career, why we should trust you for our important role, and what your expected fee per show would be.

This can be emailed to Please ensure that your application introduction is complete and detailed.

To ensure that we engage the right professional, a mixing assignment and a test may also follow. If you’re not the kind of person who is prepared to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of audio engineering, and ability to produce quality music, to convince us that you deserve the responsibility, then you may not be the right person for us and we wish you luck with your career.

This is a self employed role and, as such, you must be registered as paying Tax and NIC with HMRC and we reserve the right to ask for this to be evidenced. No guaranteed hours are implied. However, depending on the success and consistency of the company (which is directly related to the quality of the professional working for it), future full time roles are not out the realms of possibility!

You'll be required to provide your own personal PLI.

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