Frequently asked questions

1. What time are your fees to and from?

£350 + Travel will typically see the engineer arriving from 12pm and the expected finish is 12pm latest. This is on a per day basis. For alternative timings, enquire here.

2. What about for multiple consecutive day bookings?

The same fee will apply for each day. Offers will be considered for multi day bookings.

3. Are you insured?

Yes - all of the equipment will be PAT tested regularly and we carry PLI.

4. How much will it be if additional speakers and monitors are required, for example for a bigger production?

It's best to enquire to let us know what you need. Bespoke pricing really needs specific information to be able to quote properly. Pop us a message over here.

5. We've hired poor sound people in the past - how are you different?

We've hired poor sound people in the past, too, for our own shows. Prestige was set up to offer high quality equipment operated by educated and experienced engineers who are also musicians. This gives us a unique perspective on how to run the desk and interact with the personnel.

6. What size of show can you handle?

Our standard equipment will cover around 400 people in a medium sized room. The 4.4k of Yamaha power provides a bright and lively sound, with the subs producing a wonderful low end.

In terms of musicians - we run with a Presonus 32 channel digital desk. This is connected to the stage box via Cat 6 so there are no heavy and large multicore runs involved - just a simple Cat 6 cable.

We can produce bands of all sizes, and we liaise with clients prior to the shows to ensure that we understand what you're requiring from us when we arrive. You'd be surprised how many don't do this!

7. So you read the riders?

Yes - we also write riders for our shows as well, and we've seen some incredibly light riders. If you don't have a rider, you're welcome to download a sample rider here that you can use for inspiration. It's our intention to come to your show 100% prepared for what you'll give us.

8. Do you provide monitoring?

We provide monitoring amps in the form of wired belt pack IEM units. The players provide their own IEM headphones. Wedges can be added onto a quote if they're required, but Wedges are a bit of a thing of the past these days!

9. When will accommodation be required?

When the engineer has a late finish and will require more than 2 hours of driving time. This is for his/her safety.

10. What are your travel rates

£0.30ppm. Although the MU and the UK Gov suggest 45p, we don't always find this affordable for most clients on a budget, so we aim to keep it down - but we do need to cover the expenses of transporting heavy equipment.

11. Will you price match any better quotes?

Possibly - it depends on the availability, equipment being offered and the education/experience level of the other party.

12. How many monitor mixes can you handle?

The SL32 provides 16 Aux buses. Assuming that there are no hardware Effect Send/Returns required, we can send 16 mono monitor feeds or 8 stereo monitor feeds. We regularly work with click / backing track groups so we understand the importance.

13. How is a WiFi connection important?

We find that we can seriously speed up sound checks if the musicians are given access to their monitor feeds via their iPads. They can set their own IEM levels during sound check without the engineer needing to check in with each, one at a time. We use a 5Ghz router, so there's little interference with wireless mics/guitar systems.

14. Can you record our shows?

Yes - it's a standard part of our package to multi-track record your entire show. It'll be multitracked in Pro Tools at 48k / 24bit, but you'll be able to import into any other DAW. You can mix if yourself or you can commission us to do it at a rate of £800 (assuming 4 days to mix a 28 song show).