7 Reasons to trust Prestige Sound for your event

Why should you, as a band leader or show producer, trust Prestige Sound with what your audience hears?
Prestige Sound is a PA, FOH and Sound Engineering provider of great sounding live music delivery systems in Southampton, Hampshire. Our engineers are available to provide a great quality sound across the UK, and we're enthusiastic to work for shows and groups as resident engineers and providers, as well as providing sound for local community events.

But why should you have confidence in Prestige?

1. Do you care about how your band / show sounds….? So do we!

Prestige Sound was created by Dave Phillips who has managed, played with, and fronted, bands for over 20 years. Dave cares very much about how his shows sound to his audience - after all, they're there to enjoy the music and great sound is a catalyst. Dave formed Prestige in 2020 (I know, great timing, right?!) after becoming frustrated that he wasn't able to have consistency in engineers and equipment to ensure that his audiences have a consistent experience and his bands sounded 'right', especially in the tribute market. He was also frustrated with hiring engineers who, maybe, weren't as qualified and experienced as their CVs made out…!

So Prestige was born to provide consistency to his shows and provide a similar vision to other groups and shows across the country.

Prestige's core value is caring about client's sound and working to make the show sound the way that you want it.

2. We value audio education and experience

Prestige actively looks to recruit graduates who have a solid grounding in audio engineering principles and who are passionate about music and production. Dave studied Audio Engineering at School of Sound Recording (SSR) and certified as a Pro Tools Expert in 2013. He also has a 1st Class Hons Degree in Performance Industries, during which he specialised in Audio Engineering. Dave currently lectures Audio Engineering and Advanced Mixing Technique to students at Point Blank Music School and has previously taught Audio Engineering at Academy of Music, as well as developing the majority of their Music Production pathways across Degree, College and Apprenticeship programmes. He also certifies students and audio professionals in Pro Tools on behalf of Avid. Furthermore, Dave has 20 years of experience of running PA for bands and shows.

Although not all of Prestige's engineers will have Dave's profile of work, they are educated and experienced and have solid support from Dave as the Head Engineer, who aims to make Prestige the choice for shows across the country by providing a professional solution that his clients can rely on.

3. We love our gear!

The equipment that Prestige has been built around has been specifically chosen for their quality and flexibility. We've committed to working with Presonus live mixing equipment which provides us 32 inputs for running larger shows, up to 16 mono or 8 stereo monitoring feeds, subgrouping workflows for increasing the punch and clarity of instruments like Drums and Vocals, tight integration with computers for running backing tracks and opportunities for performers to have personal control over their own monitoring on stage.

The modern Studiolive desks sound terrific and allow us to record live shows at 24-bit / 48k resolution.

Our Yamaha PA has been specifically chosen for its warm and punching subs and the bright and smooth mid/top speakers. We love this system - so it's slightly upsetting when venues have their own fixed install system for us to run through - and we know you and your audience will too.

4. Reliability and organisation

Prestige's second core value is reliability and organisation. We mean what we say, we say what we mean and we do what we promise. You can rely on Prestige to be at your show at the arranged time.

You can rely on Prestige to be organised. We're responsible for your FOH so we'll liaise with your venue techs ahead of the booking to understand how their venues work and ensure that we're taking what we need in relation to the venue. We also read riders so that we're completely prepared to satisfy all of the requirements of your band, show, event and performers.

We do this for our one-off booking clients as well as our long term clients.

5. We attend your rehearsals

For multiple and long term relationships, we will attend a rehearsal prior to our first show with you so that we can build your show's profile, meet the band to understand their needs and to develop the band's sound within our system (as much as is possible considering the rehearsal venue). We want our long term clients to think of us as the '7th member of the band' who will care as much about your product as you do.

6. We want to work with your musicians

As Musicians ourselves, we know how important it is for the Musicians to be comfortable on stage and for the Engineer to work with the Musicians to make sure that they have everything they need to not just perform well but also enjoy their work. And we enjoy our work when we're comfortable.

We'll work with your members to ensure that they have a great sound in their ears so that they can enjoy their performances as well.

Each musician has the opportunity to control their own IEM mix with the Universal Control monitoring iPad app, and we'll work with them to make tweaks that they can't do themselves to make sure that they're comfortable.

7. Competitive pricing

Over the years, we've interacted with companies and engineers who are quite reasonable with their pricing, as well as downright egregious!! Prestige aims to be a solution and part of that solution is sympathetic pricing. Our prices are as low as we can keep them while making sure that the Engineer is paid appropriate industry rates for - what is usually - a 12 to 14 hour day, door to door. This also ensures that Engineering talent want to work with us. And factored into our fee is sympathetic pricing for the use of our very high quality music equipment.

We keep our travel costs as low as they can be - 35p per mile - which covers fuel for the weight that is transported.

And we insist on accommodation for our Engineer for events that require more than 2 hours worth of travel after the show. This is for their safety and well-being.


We believe that Prestige has a terrific product - one that we would want to work with ourselves - and we're a tough customer!!!
We certainly wouldn't offer a product that we wouldn't hire ourselves.
(And to be fair - we do hire it ourselves!)

We love music; we love live music; we love producing music; and we love working in music. Prestige is the right company to work with if you love music too!

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